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Ooh haven't they grown ... NOT!😉

Something you will not say watching the lambs today is “oooh haven’t they grown” 😂 Babydolls are of course miniature in size, unless a Valias stands next to Babydolls you can sometimes forget how very little they are...

Reaching the full adult height at 2 years old of 22-24” (55cm - 60cm) and very slow to mature, our lamb Winston pictured here at 5 months is still so very super baby cute & lamb-like!

The best is yet to come though, the full teddy bear appearance comes at 18 months/adulthood when they've grown a really dense fluffy coat…

You might wonder if there any differences of being smaller? Firstly they make great lawnmowers for smaller areas, for example orchards as they don't reach the fruit and vineyards to fit down the rows, eco-fertilising as they go! Secondly they are lighter than standard sized sheep, easier for turning and handling. Other than that they need all the care of other sheep breeds, but more time if you want a "bond" and relationship with your pet Babydolls.

You can follow Olive, Lando, Tinker, Winston, Sooty, Meg, and Stewie growing up when you join our flock, we'll send you news with behind-the-scenes photos and videos click the button

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