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We are one of just a few British NABSSAR registered Babydoll breeders in the UK.  If you would like more details of our lambs, ewes & rams that will become available please fill in the contact form below and we will get back to you. HOWEVER.... Please understand due to the rarity of the breed that we always have a waiting list.

Please also note we are not a farm or commercial breeder, all our Babydolls are raised as our own pets and will only go to forever homes being cared for as pets. 



What you need to know BEFORE you register to go on our waiting list to buy a mini flock of Babydolls…

Here are some FAQ's and the bare minimum of what you need to own Babydolls and the info I will ask for after you register to go on the list;


1.) What Land do you have? 

This isn’t a garden, firstly cultivated lawn grass isn’t suitable pasture grazing for sheep, and many common garden plants and shrubs are highly poisonous even fatal for sheep… which sheep will eat anyway. The first question I will ask for is the CPH number of your grazing land. *if you have a commercial vineyard or orchard please state this.


2.)  How much land do you need?

We would all love lots and lots of Babydolls but we are ultimately restricted on the acreage of land we have. Ideally, you need enough land to rotate and rest your pasture throughout the year to enable good quality grazing whatever the weather each year brings. We would recommend a minimum of 3 acres and shelter, natural or a field shelter and barn or stables for lambing.


3.) Knowledge of sheep. 

Babydolls are an ideal first sheep to own in so many ways. However, with under 300 Babydolls in the UK these are extremely rare, add to that each and every sheep born and raised here is our precious pet, that deserves the very best care and needs the basic knowledge of caring for sheep!

If you have sheep please let us know what breed and how many. If you’re not had sheep before please let me know any other relevant animals and any courses/experience you have undertaken to learn about shepherding.


4.) Breeding.

We will only re-home our Babydoll ewes to those committed to breeding 100% pure Babydolls registered with NABSSAR. Please go to the NABSSAR website, and read all about the organisation and keeping Babydolls. Once you are confirmed as receiving Babydolls you will need to register as an owner/breeder at NABSSAR before we can transfer ownership. We are proud of our amazing unrelated rams, you either need to reserve one with us or I can put you in touch with a small number you can hire a NABSSAR-registered Babydoll Tup for the season. Please note you will need a separate secure grazing pasture and company for your ram. HE CAN NOT LIVE ON HIS OWN. We strongly recommend two rams or a Babydoll wether as a company, Babydoll rams are not suitable to live with another standard-sized or polled breed of rams.


5.) Keeping Babydolls as Pets.

If your primary reason for wanting Babydolls is to enjoy them as pets then wethers are for you! (Castrated male) Super-friendly, fluffy, big softies, wethers are the easiest to care for and definitely the most affectionate of all Babydolls. We will have bonded mini flocks to go each year. On insta, you’ll see many of them in our reels.


6.) How many to ask for?

Please do not request 1 sheep. All sheep must live in a flock to be confident and happy. The minimum number we will re-home together are a mini flock of 3, regardless if you have other breed of sheep. Babydolls tend not to bond with other breeds, they’ll keep themselves apart, live as a very close unit, sleeping, together moving around grazing as one group. Due to so many waiting and so few born each year we will re-home in groups of 3 (+ a ram & company if a starter flock) in 2023.


7.) How much do Babydolls cost?

Just like any pet the price of each individual varies based upon the breed’s standard” characteristics but also their personality. There is a baseline price each year and we will let you know the current price upon application but it will be confirmed upon your reserved Babydolls. When we have allocated, and you have chosen your Babydolls we require a non-refundable deposit of £150 per sheep*    *We reserve the right for any reason to refuse the sale or if circumstances prevent us from being able to sell or deliver the sheep, we will return your deposit. We ask all remaining balance due must be paid the day before we deliver. 


8.) When can we have a delivery of our Babydolls?

We breed in Spring -late March and the first week of April. We don’t wean early so we will wean the lambs when they are naturally independent in July. This means delivery from August.


9.) Delivery

We deliver all our Babydolls, this is because raised as our pets with very little legs they are really not suited to commercial haulage. Typically we ask for £300 to cover fuel and time. We will be able to give advice on the sheep care of the individuals and introduce you to the sheep. 


10.) Will the Babydolls be tame?

All our Babydolls are our pets. Each year the lambs are raised by their mothers so the lambs are in varying degrees of familiarity. We will give advice how to get to know your flock, how to get them to trust you and their new surroundings and if you put the time you will have wonderful pet Babydolls. 


Help & Support

We love to keep in touch and hear from all our re-homed Babydolls. Wherever possible we will support you with information and advice and in the event you are no longer able to care for our Babydolls we will take them back.

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The Eden Valley Babydolls, Kirkby Stephen

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