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Your Olive Update x

Fluffy, goofy Olive at 18 months old is all grown up and getting ready for her first tupping season...


Tupping time...

Babydolls mature and grow slowly, not just in size in every way. Their teenage years can stretch out and Olive can still be spotted frolicking about with the '22 lamb gang getting up to mischief!

 Whilst other breeds are ready to mate in the autumn of their first year, babydolls wait for another full year before the ewes meet the tup for the first time. 

Olive is in fabulous health, enjoying the extra treats that

the pre-tupping season brings.

(photos taken this week)

Blind date time...

The Rams live 2 miles up the road on 'the fell' field, out of sight out of smell of the girls... In a week they will take the trailer taxi down to the house field and the mere arrival of their presence in the field will trigger the girls into season. Olive will meet her love match this year, a huge blind date that you need to keep your fingers crossed creates the balance of both ram and ewe to create the next generation of strong healthy fabulously fluffy British Babydolls.  

So Olive is the daughter of Holly and a ram on loan Cosmos, so her bloodline means can be tupped by any other unrelated tup, Dennis or his sons, Beau or his sons but not Percy who is from the same ram dad.

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