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The rams internal body locks are ticking, triggered by the days shortening and they know it’s nearly "tupping time"  - mating season.

A ram's testicular size, sperm production, and mating capacity will vary according to the season of the year, but it is the highest during the Autumn breeding season.  We also boost the tup's reproductive capacity with "Tup Ration" a rich food full of grain, molasses and vitamins for stamina as Tups will lose 

From lamb to fully grown...

Naked sheep alert! The July job of shearing had to be brought forward this year. The unprecedented May and early June heatwave brought the cycle of nature forward, fly-strike was a daily stress, with any sheep spotted itching inspected for any signs of flies as until shearing we can't spray the  protection as it can't go on the full fleece. So the shearer came early, and the flock are now naked and enjoying their new summer wardrobe! It's always a challenge for a few days to recognise all the sheep faces without the usual facial fleece but within a couple of days, we're back to knowing each other again! 

Anyone recognise a naked Star a year on?!

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