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Welcome to our fluffy flock of rare miniature British Babydolls! Cuddle by cuddle I hope to share an insight into the lives of these incredible teddy bear pet sheep with a big smile.


June 2024 

Welcome to our fluffy flock of mini Babydolls!

June is the month when our lambs truly become entertaining, much like when your child starts walking and talking. Their personalities are showing a little more each day, and it’s a joy to witness their growing confidence. 

This week, after a warm and wet May, I saw three ewes tapping their back legs and looking agitated. Time to protect against all the flies, bugs and nasties!.

Our usual June routine of shearing and protecting the flock from this fly strike had to be completely scrapped. Between storms each Babydoll was checked, if needed, re-trimmed all around their bottom and leg fleece and then sprayed with protection ... even though we are shearing this month and it will need doing again once the fleece is removed.😫 (To watch us behind the scenes, click the link to our Instagram account lower in the page and subscribe on our insta reels or profile page)

This week's photo is of course...
Monti 🥰

So here’s some exciting news: Over the past year, I’ve received so many messages and requests for help or tips from other hobby sheep owners that I’ve realised there is a need for some basic and then not-so-basic guides to keeping pet sheep—from someone who also started from scratch.

The care calendar for a hobby shepherd and smallholder looks quite different from a commercial farmer. Over the years of keeping our Babydolls, I’ve built an extensive resource through the seasons, including flock care routines and practices. So If you’d like to see videos, how-to’s, what to watch out for, ask me anything channel of messaging and valuable pdf downloads of tried and tested pet sheep needs through the season's inc nutrition and lambing then simply join our mailing list below.... I’ll be in touch on launch day.

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Exciting new news!

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